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Even More Holiday Weekend Deals

I’ve shared some great deals in honor of Independence Day with you this week. But I’m not done yet! Here are some more savings from your favorite online merchants, but you’ll have to act quickly, because all of these expire today!

  • Bealls has some great summer deals going on right now. And today you can save an additional $10 on orders of $50 or more with Bealls coupon code FREEDOM.
  • Looking to save money on electronics or appliances? Check out our Best Buy deals! They have savings of $100 or more on a wide variety of products, and they’re also giving away gift cards with qualifying purchases. There are too many awesome deals to list here, but you can find them all on their coupon page!
  • Hot Topic has the hottest t-shirts for the summer, including the Captain America tee pictured. And today you can get a whopping 20% off your order of $50 or more with Hot Topic coupon code HTA50JUN.
  • Sony Style has some killer deals on cameras, camcorders and laptops that are ending today. Visit our Sony deals page for all the details.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Looking for School Uniforms?

Yes, it’s getting close to that time of year again. The time that kids and parents alike tend to both look forward to and dread. Time to go back to school!

Whether your kids are stressing about upcoming quizzes and homework or looking forward to seeing friends that they may not have seen during the summer, it’s time to start getting ready for the upcoming school year. If your child’s school requires uniforms, you might think that makes shopping for school clothes that much easier. But once you start shopping for them, you might find that it’s harder to find the specific items required than you think.

But as always, Coupon Trunk is here for you. Here’s where you can order your child’s school uniforms quickly and easily, and from the comfort of home:

  • Bealls has all of the school uniform basics at great prices. And we have a Bealls coupon code that will get you free shipping on uniform and shoe purchases if you order today!
  • At The Children’s Place, you can also find lots of great school uniform pieces. They even have entire uniforms put together for you, and all you have to do is select the sizes. How convenient is that? Check our Children’s Place deals page for lots of savings.

Look for more great back to school deals from Coupon Trunk in the coming weeks!

Discount Apparel & Clothing Shopping with Bealls Coupons for 2014

Bealls was founded in 1915 by Robert M. Beall. The young proprietor opened a dry goods store in Bradenton, Florida, and priced all of his items at $1 or less. He named his store The Dollar Limit. But after World War I, inflation caused an increase in prices, necessitating a name change to The Five Dollar Limit. Robert's son joined his father in the business in the 1940s, and the name was changed to Beall's Department Store. Expansion began with the opening of a second store in 1956, and has continued steadily. Today, there are hundreds of Bealls stores in over a dozen states. Bealls sells a variety of products, including apparel, shoes, jewelry, housewares and home decor. Customers across the country can now shop with them thanks to their online store at Shoppers can save on their orders with coupon codes for free shipping and percents off.

Saving money in April 2014 with online coupons at Bealls is easy when you know where to find the best discount offers and promo codes. CouponTrunk's database of promotional codes from Bealls is updated daily with the latest Apparel & Clothing coupons available.

Online coupons from Bealls are similar to to printable coupons in that you can directly apply cash savings to your purchase. However, redeeming Apparel & Clothing discounts from Bealls is not exactly the same as clipping coupons and then taking them to the store check out.

When you want to use a Bealls coupon, simply click the link that allows you to redeem the coupon for a discounted price on your order. If the coupon has a code associated with it, then be sure to copy the code from then paste it into the appropriate field when you are ready to check out at Bealls.

A variety of Bealls codes or coupons for 2014 may be available. Some Bealls offers may be the 'dollars off' variety, while other discounts may offer a 'percent off' type of coupon. Some Bealls offers may be coupon codes that apply only to a specific product or group of products. Depending on the Apparel & Clothing deal, you may also be eligible for a free shipping offer. Please check the Bealls website for any terms that may apply to qualifying for Bealls discounts. is updated with the latest coupons daily so check back often for our continually refreshed Bealls coupons and discounts. All of the offers and discounts listed above are subject to change without notice. To find thousands of online stores with new coupons and promo codes updated daily then make sure to check out all of the Bealls coupon codes and promotions at Signing up for our newsletter may be the best option for busy moms, couponing WAHMs (Work At Home Moms) and stay at home moms (SAHMs). Enter your email address into our signup form and you can get Bealls coupons and other popular coupons delivered directly to your inbox.

Bealls promotions for coupons may change or be discontinued at any time without notice. Please try using another coupon code if a Bealls discount is invalid or you are unable to apply a coupon to your check out cart. is not responsible for any coupons processed through Bealls. lists coupons, promotions and discount offers and makes no guarantee that any coupon, promotion or discount offer is valid by April 2014 at the time of usage.

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