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Laptop Adapter Outlet Coupons and Discounts

Horrible - run away, do not use!!!!!!!!

Horrible place to deal with. Prices are great but the product I received did not work. I tried to resolve problem and could not. You want any help they expect you to pay shipping even if their product is defective. When I asked to talk to a manager I was told that would not be possible. Beware do not use this company.

Reviewed by: Cheryl in TN
December 14, 2012


I bought a 120 watt laptop power supply part No. A3717U-1ACA. I t did not work at all. Even if it had worked, the 110 volt and output cords are very short. The cords are also very stiff and appear to be of poor quality. Customer Service decided the problem was that I should have bought a 90 watt supply to replace my 120 watt supply. They did offer an exchage or refund my purchase price, but I WOULD HAVE TO PAY THE SHIPPING. Lastly, I paid for express shipping and it still took 11 days for the prouduct to arrive.ENOUGH SAID! FIND A MORE REPUTABLE SUPPLIER!

Reviewed by: Angry Customer in Wilmington, NC
August 12, 2012
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